GOT POWER? US Power Outages Up 73% (Can you say blackout?)

May 14, 20220

[Reference:  Malibu No Power 3 Days]

Power outages are massively up over the last year. Some of it can be attributed to increased weather activity but most of it is simply too much demand and too little supply.  

The other issue is a complete mismatch of production and use. 

Solar power is generally produced from 10a – 2p or 3p depending on the season. Demand is at its peak between 4p – 9p. This is why power companies pay you so little for your solar. Then when you need it at peak time they charge you 3 to 4 x as much to bring it back. That is because you want it when everyone else wants it so the price is more.  They don’t want your solar power when you send it to them between 10a-2p.

If you could produce your power (solar) and save it for when you need it (battery) then you could genuinely have what you need when you need it.

This solution of energy “storage” has to come from the end-user. There is no way to efficiently have the utility company gather power and store it to then send it back hours later. The cost inefficiency loss is simply way too much. 

This is why the GOVERNMENT IS PROVIDING A 26% DIRECT TAX CREDIT for both Solar Panel Installation and Solar Battery Systems for homes. There is also a rebate from the utility company for the battery. Effectively you can get more than ¼ of the cost of this solution paid for by the government.  This puts all the power in your control for far less money.

The greatest commodity price rise is in ENERGY.  Precious metals, livestock, and agriculture don’t even come close to the 63% rise in energy prices. Electricity generation from coal and gas hit record levels as utility companies worked to meet that increased demand for electricity. 

Gas prices we all see and feel immediately at the pump. 

The energy that drives our economy is simply another layer of that same group. It’s all energy. The prices are going up because we are in a worldwide energy transition. We are just getting started.

Some people buy batteries to buy their power from midnight to 6 am when it is the least expensive. Then they power all their needs throughout the day so they don’t have to pay 4x the cost. Based on this alone a battery can pay for itself in 6-7 years depending on energy usage.

Imagine if you add Solar to charge the battery and you get the 26% direct tax credit.

The government NEEDS YOU to do this. Our aging electrical grid and mismatched power cannot be solved centrally by the utility company. It has to be solved at the end distribution point which is you.

Will your utility company give you the power to turn on the lights? If so, at what price?

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