Flat Roof Problems? Roof Restoration Is the Permanent Solution (..And the Least Intrusive!)

March 28, 20220

[Section 179 Deduction:  100% In First Year]

coatings Flat roofs usually have inadequate drainage. As your roof gets older flat roofs to work to create leaks. Heat is the most destructive element which causes irreversible damage to the original seams. This continues the cycle of destruction opening the surface opportunities for more leakage. Our primary goal is to get the water off the roof.

You are probably saying enough. You might even be ready to choose the invasive and disruptive process of ripping off the old roof. Stop. There is a better way.

This better way doesn’t include costly tear-off, lengthy installation, and business interruption. The solution is simple. Extend the life of your flat roof with a durable, seamless, waterproof, membrane.

The ECO Systems team works to restore your old, leaky roof, with structural integrity. We create a seamless watertight barrier, restoring your roof to optimal functionality.

Let’s answer some questions on Roof Restoration with Elastomeric Silicone Coating.

How often can I restore my roof?

Typically commercial roof restoration with high-quality coatings come with 15-20 year warranties which include labor. As you near the end of that period you can restore it again with a restored warranty period.

Which roofs are candidates for roof restoration?

There are many types of flat roofs, including built-up, modified bitumen, PVC, TPO, EPDM, concrete, and spray polyurethane foam. All of these can work for roof restoration. In fact, more than 80% of these roofs can be candidates for commercial roof restoration with coatings.

How long is the process of commercial roof restoration?

Roof restoration is at least twice as fast as a typical tear-off and roof replacement.   The most important piece is preparation. Depending on the condition and what needs to be done around scuppers, drains, and seams. Making sure the base is sound is the first and most important job. Once the surface is confirmed ready then it can be primed. After the primer has cured, 12-20 hours depending on heat and humidity, then the silicone topcoat can be spread.  Workers spend time restoring the base and looking for potential issues.  They eliminate all the time spent removing 70-95% of a good roof. All of that material stays out of landfills and all of their time is focused on the areas that need attention.

Does roof restoration stop leaks?

Roof restoration is the best way to ensure layer integrity for the seamless top layer to prevent roof leaks. It has been in the field for many years under all types of conditions. The testing has withstood some of the toughest weather conditions and even fire.

What about energy cost savings?

White has always been highly reflective. This material goes even further to reduce the thermal load inside the building.  A high-grade elastomeric high solids silicone can have an SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) of 90+.  That can be 10-15 times a typical roof asphalt material roof. A California Energy Commission study shows a reflective roof can save as much as 20% every month.

Do tenants have to vacate the building for Roof Restoration?

No. Unlike traditional roof replacement, coatings are on top of your existing flat roof. Tearing off your roof is extremely disruptive to your business. Roof Restoration service simply prepares the existing surface. Then coatings are spread from end to end around any roof intrusions of stacks, pipes, or vents.

Is there a tax deduction?

Yes! You can deduct 100% of your roof restoration cost in Year 1 under IRS Section 179. In 2022 the limit is $1,080,000.


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